Bury Voluntary Community & Faith Alliance

To enhance the quality of life of local residents by supporting a thriving community & voluntary sector in Bury

What is the VCFA?

VCFA aims to provide volunteering and development support to the VCF in Bury, enabling them to enhance the quality of life for local communities. VCFA will also promote the VCF sector and advocate on its behalf at a strategic level with other stakeholders.

Our strategy over the year is focused on developing our business plan and work programme that will provide effective and appropriate support to front line organisations, with key performance indicators to ensure the desired outcomes.


To support voluntary, community, social enterprises and faith organisations in the borough of Bury to enhance and improve the lives of local communities and residents

What Will We Do?

Voice of VCF sector
  1. To maintain strong channels of communication between VCF groups, commissioners and statutory providers;
  2. To provide representation at a strategic level for the VCF sector;
  3. To represent the interests of the VCF and its members through exercising influence on strategic meeting/networks to influence local voluntary sector strategy.
  1. To collate and disseminate information to and from the VCF Sector;
  2. To provide VCF organisations with opportunities to discuss and exchange experience and information;
  3. To ensure dissemination of strategic issues to the wider sector and thus local communities.
  1. To provide advice and support to VCF organisations to apply for funding and deliver projects;
  2. To support the involvement of volunteers and promote good practice;
  3. To provide learning and personal development opportunities for VCF staff, trustees and volunteers.
  4. To facilitate and improve the co-operation between voluntary service organisations.
  1. To enable smaller VCF groups to participate in tendering/contracting by acting as a prime contractor on their behalf;
  2. To administer funding on behalf of smaller VCF groups;
  3. To lead on or co-ordinate joint applications between groups to access funding;
  4. To manage projects and developmental work relevant to VCF.
How We Will Do This?
  1. Development Support – Funding, quality assurance, advice, mentoring, business planning, policies, procedures, governance, legal and financial issues etc.
  2. Information Dissemination – Provide a 2-way dialogue between the VCF and stakeholders; disseminating information to the VCF and feedback to stakeholders from the VCF.
  3. Commissioning Support – Act as a Lead Consortia Provider to help VCF organisations secure tendering opportunities and support VCF consortia and delivery partnerships development.
  4. Representation – Advocate the interests of the VCF at a strategic level in partnerships and networks locally and regionally across Greater Manchester.
  5. Volunteering – Promote volunteering, and promote volunteering opportunities, and a brokerage service matching volunteers to suitable vacancies.
  1. Organisation Development Support – Advice on how to better manage and run your organization.
  2. Funding Database – Provide access to funding available nationally.
  3. Good Practice Guides – Online self-help guides on governance, finance and management business planning.
  4. Volunteering Support – Help recruit volunteers and promote volunteering.
  5. Lead contractor – Act as a consortium lead to secure tenders and help smaller groups.
  6. E-newsletter – Keep the VCF sector up to date on local issues and funding opportunities.
  7. Strategic Representation – Act as the voice of the VCF at strategic meetings and networks in Bury and Greater Manchester.
  8. Grant Funds – Manage local grant funds to provide local funding opportunities.
  9. Bury Community Fund – Develop a local grant funding pot through Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships with the private sector.


Membership will be open to all voluntary organisations, community and faith groups based in Bury.   Associate membership will be open to voluntary, community and faith groups working but not based in Bury.

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