Partnership and Networks: Thematic Groups

Community Safety Partnership

The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is made up of representatives from a range of agencies, who work together to help reduce crime in the local community and help people feel safe.

Chief Officers Group

The Chief Officers group is for Sector engagement with Chief Officers to share and discuss issues, good practice and themes that are impacting the sector and to develop strategic responses to issues.

Children & Young People’s Group

The Children and Young People’s Thematic Group works with young people to engage, network and discuss issues and themes that impact of the effective delivery of work.

Bury Faith Forum

Bury Faith Forum is the thematic group for the interfaith work supporting dialogue between Christian, Jewish and Islamic organisations along with Hindu, Sikh and other faith based groups.

Health Watch Disabilities Thematic Task and Finish

The thematic group is developed to discuss issues that impact on Voluntary sector organisations and how it impacts on service delivery to Bury residents.

Older People’s Forum

Bringing together Voluntary Sector organisations working with Older People and the strategic themes from the older people’s agenda. Engagement with the Statutory sector and discussion of themes impacting on service delivery.

Bury BME AND Asylum and Refugees Network

Bury BME and Asylum seekers forum is two separate themes with organisations coming together to discuss the issues and themes impacting service delivery and inter agency themes that impact organisational development

Mental Health Support Group

Mental health thematic groups supports all organisations working to deliver mental health support to Bury residents. It discusses both strategic and local issues that impact of voluntary sector engagement and service delivery.

Bury LGBT Forum

The LGBT Forum aims to bring together organisations in a common effort to advance education in LGBT+ issues and to provide guidance in the interests of social welfare of LGBT+ people with the objective of improving the conditions of life and wellbeing for the residents.