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Bury VCFA are exploring ways in which the VCF sector and volunteers in Bury can support local health and social care.

There are two possible ways in which volunteers can assist

By assisting in carrying out non-personal care tasks to assist people with care and support needs. Such tasks might include

Collecting prescriptions
Reassurance by phone

Having a current DBS would allow for a wider range of volunteering options.

The other way to help, is by residents/people looking out for their neighbours who may be in some way or another vulnerable but not in receipt of formal care support.

This might be about supporting people who choose to self-isolate.

This can include looking after an elderly neighbour.

Enhancing the quality of life of local residents

VCFA provides Volunteering and Development support to the VCF (also known as VCS) in Bury enhancing their ability to support local communities. VCFA also promotes the VCS sector and advocates on their behalf at a strategic level with other stakeholders.

VCFA is focused on enhancing the role of the local VCF sector in delivering quality services within local communities which will help support VCS organisation. Our support will be focused on providing effective and appropriate deliverables to front line organisations.

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VCFA provides all aspects of Development Support and Funding Advice


VCFA is offering a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solution to the business community in Bury


VCFA provides volunteering support to both organisations and individuals looking to volunteer

Social Prescribing

Non-clinical support services provided by local organisations in Bury.


We provide the VCF with a voice at a strategic level to influence policy, commissioners and decision makers

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