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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

VCFA is offering a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solution to the business community in Bury that will help businesses to enhance their links and reputation in the local community, through a local CSR service that supports Voluntary, Community & Faith (VCF) organisations in Bury.

Keep it Local support provides an easy and cost-effective CSR service for businesses in Bury. Bury VCFA will link businesses to causes that matter to them and collate donations in an endowment – Bury Community Fund, supporting Bury’s economy and the community.

Keep it Local support provides an easy and cost-effective CSR service for businesses in Bury.  Working with national charities has little or no direct impact in Bury, this will enhance your businesses’ reputation locally as well as benefiting Bury’s economy and the community.

Keep it Local offers :-


VCFA brokerage will link your business to causes that matter to you and also collate donations in an endowment supporting Bury’s community in perpetuity.

Pro-Bono Help

Enhance your businesses reputation locally by offering practical, professional support to local charities.

Employee Wellbeing

VCFA will support your employees identify suitable volunteering opportunities with local charities, enhancing your businesses reputation in the community and help the employees develop new skills.

Surplus Goods

Save on disposal costs; eliminate waste; & reduce your carbon foot print by distributing unwanted or surplus goods to VCF groups for the benefit of the local community, aiding recycling.


Assist businesses to find causes in Bury that matter to them for sponsorship or in-kind help.

Business Rates

Reduce your business rates liability through partnership with a local community group.

This will help develop a long term mutually beneficial partnership.  Furthermore similar schemes in other areas have shown that this long term relationship  leads to legacy donations – as the loss of a loved one enables people living and working in Bury set up a legacy endowment in their name.

Where a business is already donating locally, we do not want that to stop or divert that support.  We will help ensure wider recognition, publicity and acknowledge the contribution with a bronze, silver or gold award and ensure a better long term returns for your business through local support.

What your Business will get in return

Increased Business sales through additional business from VCF groups organisations as well as more customers from the community locally.

Photographs and acknowledgment in VCF newsletters, social media, websites and regular press releases, Annual VCF event/conference.

Maximum publicity for your business in the local community in a number of ways

Your logo on the VCFA website with a link to your website

Regular press realises with a vote of thanks

Articles/Focus on your business in the VCFA newsletter.

Publicity and acknowledgement recognising your business as been “A Socially Responsible Business”

Regular mentions on Social Media

Tax relief on donations

A plaque acknowledging your donation displayed in your office/business premises

Enhanced reputation as a Socially Responsibility Business.

Increased traffic to your website though the numerous links VCFA will promote

Enhanced and improved Employee skills

Job satisfaction in your employees enhanced through volunteering

Save disposal costs on unwanted goods by donating to VCFA

Increase in business sales through positive image and reputation in the community

Save costs on having your own in house CSR dept by outsourcing to VCFA.

Even the smallest business can enjoy the benefits of a full CSR department by using VCFA as a CSR partner.

Links to the Bury Directory and One Community Bury

Feedback – A thank you at meet the groups events, report on how your donation has made a difference

Focus on a one local business partner in every issue of our newsletter and the group supported newsletter and/or website