What is Social Prescribing

Non-clinical support services provided by local voluntary organisations, community and faith groups and charities in Bury

‘A clear, coherent and collaborative process in which healthcare practitioners work with patients and service users to select and make referrals to community based services.’ (Langford et al, 2013)

Social Prescribing will reduce

Pressure on primary and secondary care services
Repeat appointments
A&E attendances
Secondary care referrals
Bed blockages
Clinical referrals

The Impact on the Person

Feels more in control and able to manage their own health and wellbeing
Is more physically active
Is better able to manage practical issues, such as debt, housing and mobility
Is more connected to others and less isolated or less lonely

The Impact on the Community

More volunteers engaged in Social Prescribing
More VCF groups involved in Social Prescribing
Funding secured to build capacity and/or sustainability

Social Prescribing Journey

Collate referrals from GP’s, secondary care and self referrals
Triage each patient and identify needs and concerns
Signpost to the most appropriate provider in the VCF and follow up
Motivate and encourage take up of opportunities
Track via Simply Connect platform
Feedback to surgery

Bury Emotional Health & Wellbeing Support Offer

Click below to download information on the VCFA Mental Health Support offer and the new Getting Help Line which provides non clinical, non-urgent support for individuals who are experiencing low level emotional health and wellbeing difficulties.