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Volunteers are the cornerstone of Bury’s communities and generosity, and care are demonstrated daily in the thousands of voluntary groups and charities delivering services and activities across the borough.

But volunteering isn’t just about the big things or committing loads of time, it’s about the little things we do in our daily lives. Some people may call them random acts of kindness or being a good neighbour. Others simply see it as something they do but whatever we call it these small things can make a real difference to someone.

Reach Out

  • Drop a text or call that friend or family member you’ve not seen for a while to see how they are
  • Have that cuppa with a colleague who you know is struggling or might need a break.
  • Check with your elderly neighbours – a simple chat can make all the difference but consider giving your telephone number to elderly neighbours so they can contact you for help if they are unwell or had a fall.

Give a little something

  • Give a can if you can. Buy an extra can of something and donate it to your local food bank or pantry via your local supermarket donation point. Alternatively, consider using any vouchers or free items you might get from your supermarket loyalty schemes or deals to help buy/donate goods.
  • Give a bit of yourself! Consider giving blood or platelets and help change someone’s life.
  • Give Items – From unwanted gifts through to that end-of-the-year cleanup. Consider donating your unwanted items to your local charity shop.

Shop with kindness

  • Before just clicking on a major online retailer can you buy it from a local business? Support local businesses in turn helps local people but keep your money in the borough. We have a range of shops on our “shop local, shop social webpage” that can get you started.
  • If you do need to shop online then consider taking a few extra clicks to use sites such as Easyfundraising to support local groups at no extra cost to you.
  • Shopping can be stressful for everyone including shop assistants. Be patient and don’t forget that simple smiles and manners could make someone’s day!

Take a little time

  • If clearing leaves or snow from your footpath, could you also help a neighbour? Or perhaps help bring a neighbour’s bin off the street?
  • When walking about your local area or park if you spot a piece of litter could you take one minute and pop it in the bin? Or join a local litter pick?
  • Use the power of social media to promote a charity’s social media appeal or campaign. It all helps build awareness.

Stay Healthy

The Bury Volunteer Bank advertises a range of opportunities to get involved in your local community.
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