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Meet Katherine, Our Capacity Building Development Officer

As part of Small Charities Week, we are excited to introduce you to Katherine, our Capacity Building Development Officer. Katherine plays a vital role in supporting small charities and community groups across the Borough of Bury.

Can you tell me a little more about your Capacity Building Development Officer role?

Absolutely! In my role as a Capacity Building Development Officer, I work closely with small charities and community groups to help them grow and thrive. This involves providing guidance on best practices, helping them secure funding and advising on governing documents through one-to-one meetings. I also provide training sessions at the Bury VCFA office and connect groups with resources that can aid their development. My goal is to empower local organisations to effectively serve their communities and achieve their missions.

How long have you been in the role for?

I have been at Bury VCFA for 1 month, but have been supporting groups in Bury since 2020 through my previous jobs.

Your role includes supporting small charities and community groups. Can you explain what kind of support you provide that benefits small charities and groups?

I provide tailored one-to-one support to small charities and community groups based in Bury. This is usually through a face-to face appointment, but it can also be a virtual meeting, phone call or email. I also provide support and advice to individuals who are setting up their charity or community group about governing documents and the best legal structure for their organisation. Once a group has established their legal structure, I support them in finding a suitable funding grant for their needs. I also provide bid checks for funding grants that are not administered by Bury VCFA such as National Lottery, Arts Council and others which can be found in our monthly funding bulletin.

For any small charities or groups looking for support, how can they contact you?

I encourage any small charity or community group in need of support to reach out to me directly. You can contact me via email at , or give me a call at our office 0161 518 550. Additionally, you can visit our website for more information on the services we offer and to find various resources that might be helpful.