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VRU Community Led Pilot

Bury VCFA are delighted to be working with the GM Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) and 10GM on a Community-Led Pilot in East Bury. The programme works with young people aged 10- 25 years and their families and is all about ensuring that young people and communities in East Bury come together to identify what’s going on, and what’s not happening and to develop ideas within the community for projects and activities.

In Bury a VCSE alliance has been funded by the GM VRU to provide free sports and mentoring programmes to young people and families in East Bury, providing activities which offer a diversion to youth crime and anti-social behaviour. The key partners in the pilot currently are:

To find out more about the Community-Led Pilot in East Bury, contact Heather Duckworth, Violence Reduction Alliance Facilitator, Bury –

Case Study

Community Focus: Jackie’s Story

Case Study

Community Focus:

Bury Defence Academy